($50 - $199)

Robert Algarin

Raymond Kevin Bassford

Richard and Georgene Berg

Michael Blasi

Stephanie Bongiovi-Hogner

Carlos Borgo

Andrew Bowie

Carol Ann Brokaw

David and Cheryl Buckman

Muriel and William Cagney

Eileen Caravano

Janette Cardoza

Mary N. Carrea

Christine A. Casaleiz

Diane and Patrick Cassidy

Nicholas and Jean Ciampa

Robert and Maryellen Chanda

Christopher Chu

Thomas Clarke

Margaret Cohen

Chanard Cooper

Luis Cruz and Steven Maltsky

Susan Cummings

Alan Dandron and David Boyd

Lauren Day

John DeMarco and Alan Cohen

James DeMaria

Judith and Sandiago J. Dileo

Janet Dillon

James Dixon

Michael Douris

Julie and Jeff Downing

Kenneth Earl

Valerie Ellis

John Favazzo

Diane Finklestein

Lauren and Robert Garcia

Randy Gemenden


Hugh Goodspeed and Pamela Pinkham

Donna Grozuczak

Yvonne A. Hand

Hilary Harding and Victor King

Brian Hartman

Heather and John Elder

Lorraine Hill

Willaim Houston

Iles and Wolk Design Associates

Jan Jasper

Star and Russell Jones

Alfred Jorgensen

Laura Kayser

Edwin Kelly

Kathleen Klige

Virginia Kochan

Claudette Lanneaux

Rosemary and Anthony Laura

Cynthia Lewis and Byron Smith

John M. Loffredo

Thomas Macaluso

Mark Malinousky

Benjamin Marshall

Randa and Gerald Mendenhall

Joylette Mills-Ransome

Lenise Mitchel

Maryellen Moffitt

Thomas and Lorraine Mullen

Ralph Murray

Andras Nagy

John Nash

New French Cleaners

Timothy O’Connor

Joseph Palmer

Paul Pannone

Patricia & Paul Enterprises

Susan Perchauluk

Mark and Katy Petrochko

Paul Pinkman

Janet Poillon

Adam Portnoy

Charles Prince

Brent Quam

Felix Rameriz

Diane Rau

Kaitlin Riegler

Robert Roff

Otto Rossmeyer

Katherine and Anthony Sabatino

Salon Visage

Carl Santiago

Robert and Patricia Santillo

Scottish Gourmet USA, LLC

Shalom Fanwood Nails

Mariam Shastri

Susan Short

Dean Sonnenberg

Goran Sparman

The Flower Shop of Westfield LLC

Jeffrey Spelman

David and Beatrice Sullivan

Swain Galleries

Emmett Swan

Andrea Tannenbaum

Soren Thomsen and T. J. Blazek

Paul Trader

Dr. Edwin A. and Jeanne C. Turner, Jr.

Pamela Vanacek

Janet Vidovich

Joseph Vincze

Judy M. Waters

Gregory Wesseldine and Michael Davies

Jean Williams

Nelda Wilkomirski

Edwin Zenker


($2500 or more)


Craig Bowman and John Stewart

Mary Burgwinkle and Gregory Haworth

The McCutchen Foundation

Rebecca Perkins

The Plainfield Foundation

Union County


($1000 - $2499)

Brenda and Oliver Anderson

Elizabeth Adam and Thomas Crownover

Francis and Elizabeth D'Aversa

Elaine and John Dedousis

Dona Bass and Jim Perry

Carol Ruskin and Daniel Blais

Peter Lomonaco and Philip Schafer

Harold and Judy Prince

Lesley and Randolph Rogers

The Arnold Schwartz Foundation

Robert Sullivan

 Ronald and Andrea West

Young Pianist Competition of NJ


($500 - $999)

Cynthia Alexander

 Jo-Ann and Ken Bandomer

Elizabeth Bataille

Robert and Catherine Becker

Elliot Beneroff and Natalie Chermak

Francis and Kelly Boero

Michael Buban

Alan and Susan Coen

Tony Contreras and Patricia Van Slyke

Kenneth and Lisa Fanning

Patricia Fleming

Barbara and Gordon Fuller

Robert & Jennifer Gregory

William and Nancy Gearhart

  (Classic Travel & Tours)

Maryella Gockel

Johnson & Johnson

Janet Lee Massey and Jeanette Criscione

Byron and Joyce Miller

Gary Pelletier

Timothy Priano

Peter and Libby Price

Albert and Rosemary Pittis

Lawrence Quirk and Thomas Smith

Sean T. Shen

Nathaniel E. Singleton

Terrie Spear-O'Rourke

Richard S. K. Tang

William Toth Jr.  and Charles Weltner

Bruce Zehnle and Raymond Widenor


($200 - $499)

Akai Sushi Lounge

Kieran Anderson and Nicole Galladoro

Alaine and Jeanne Barbet

John Caminiti and Joseph Padial

Paul Chapin and Peter Simone

Wayne Clarke

Cheryl Coursen and Lisa Leo

Connolly & Hickey Historical Architects

Janet and Courtney Dicely

Alice Dillon

Aisha Eustache

Diana Flanagan

Robert J. and Katherine R. Fleschler

Geraldine Harvey

William Havlena and Susan Holak

 Elizabeth Hetfield

Howard Paving & Excavating Co, Inc.

John and Marsha Jewczyn

John H. Van Winkle Foundation

Gregory LeCleir and Larry Fritcher

Ellen Ann Livingstone

Bruce and Paula Long

Alexis and Sean Maloney

Gary and Kathy Mann

Adrian and Amelia Mapp

Sean McKenna

Mark Miller and Michael Murden

Jillian Mooney

Anne and Arthur Morgan

Lois Mattson and Cory Storch

Robert and Barbara McCabe

Elaine Merritt and Sally Hughes

Anthony Mitchell and Jenny Ciappa

Network for Good

Robin and Ted Osborne

Ronald Pagaoa

Patrick and Kelly  Pecoraro

Mark Pesci

Nancy Piwowar

Jennifer Popper

Leslie  Pruess

Peggy Schott

Jennifer Seganish

Sheelen’s Crossing, LLC

Belinda Scott Smiley and Rick Smiley

Andrew and Tammy Shaw

Drs. Joyce and Joel Sherman

Harold Spingarn and David Beverly

Drs. Randall and Laura Stevens

 Rich Sudol and Brian Munroe

Charlene Sczenyi

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Fred Tupkielewicz

Warren Catering (Stone House)

Richard and Barbara Wilson

Wendell Woods

Yamfi Inc. (Stage House)


Contributors (2017-2018 Season)

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